A Little Humor

Here in the DC area a few bulbs are sending leaves up through the cold ground. As their energy rises so does mine. Soon, I’ll share my response to ACAOM’s latest communication and news that yet another jurisdiction seems poised to put licensure off-limits for those without full NCCAOM herb credentials. (DC. Once again, this is happening out of sight of most US practitioners. Shouldn’t we be care more about this than what the PT’s are doing?)

But, for today, I decided to share a humorous bit that I posted to Acupuncturists on Facebook the other day. For those who, understandably, avoid that group, enjoy. For those whole already saw it, apologies.

The Six Stages of Cold Induced Illness in LAcs —

1) Dignity — I’ve been so healthy this year! I do lots of Qi Gong and eat right and get good sleep and take Jade Screen. Don’t worry about me, I’m great.

2) Denial — Hmm, the air in the house must be dry. Or maybe I’m allergic to something. I’m fine.

3) Dosing — Echinacea, Ginger Tea, Chicken Soup/Bone Broth, Jing Fang Bai Du San. More tea. I’ll throw in some Airborne. And some Yin Chiao.

4) Delusion — Really, I’m fine. Let me step out for another box of needles (copious nose blowing and repeated handwashing). Oh, yes, just a little sniffle, it’s nothing.

5) Decompensation — My nose is dripping, can I get the needle in before it’s too late. How many clients do I still have today — can someone please be a no-show. Why is everyone on time? Oh, can I put my head on my desk for a minute. Do I have any Sudafed around here?

6) Despair — This is ridiculous, I surrender. Begin the phone calls to clear the day tomorrow. Of course I’ve had two good weeks in a row for a change — where can I put these folks. 🙁

I hope that all of you are well and healthy. Enjoy these last weeks of hibernation.


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