A Very Important Question


Will feedback received influence your proposed(?) policy changes?  Ms. Basore’s comments to my previous post indicate the changes are a done deal. Please let the readers of The Acupuncture Observer know so that we can effectively use our qi.

Thank You.

Dear Readers,

I’ll send my many questions and comments about the policy changes to the NCCAOM (and post them here) if our input matters.  In the meantime, please  —

  • Contact NCCAOM via Facebook to weigh in on the proposed(?) changes. (Are they listening?)
  • Contact AAAOM via Facebook to share your thoughts on the NCCAOM’s proposed(?) changes.
  • Respond to the AAAOM’s latest Call for Comments (deadline September 19th), and let them know if you think they should be focusing on the proposed(?) changes.
  • Contact your state professional association to point out that the proposed(?) changes interfere with the state regulation of acupuncture and ask them to get involved.
  • Ask your state association to raise this topic with the Council of State Associations. (There doesn’t seem to be any way for the average professional to contact that group directly.)

That’s a good start while we wait to hear back from the NCCAOM. Oh, and spread the word!

P.S.:  Here’s a story about background checks.  Keep in mind, in the NCCAOM’s proposal, the poor applicant wouldn’t even be allowed to sit the exams.


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