Take a look at this fun video that pertains to a serious (and not fun) issue for the profession.  (The specific circumstance is in Great Britain.)


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4 thoughts on “Lighthearted?

  1. Thanks for sharing this excellent video. Wish we could have a french version, but nothing’s as goog as english humour !

    • It’s interesting to imagine what a French version would be like — if only Jerry Lewis was in good health! Is this an issue that is impacting you in France too — limits on what you can say you treat?

  2. Peter was the principal of ICOM when I was there over 20yrs ago. He is a talented Acupuncturist and I respect him as a lecturer. I didn’t know he was good at this too. He is highlighting a difficult situation for us UK Acupuncturists, but his long list of symptoms in Chinese is a great way of saying what we can do. It is a very clever song, on many levels.

    • I hope that some day soon we develop networks and institutions that help us respond effectively to situations like the one you are experiencing. It is clear to me that we still have not done enough to educate the establishment. The song is brilliant. Thanks for contributing!

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