The AAAOM Position Statement on TPDN, or, Mine!

Who is on the Blue Ribbon Panel?  I can’t find a list of participants anywhere.  Are they independent experts on the regulatory process or medical terminology?  Are a variety of professions represented? Who selected them?  Is there any reason regulatory agencies should care what this mysterious Blue Ribbon panel thinks?

Does the AAAOM believe that acupuncture regulatory boards should be able to expand determine the limits of our scope of practice and make decisions about necessary training?  Are we hypocrites with double standards, demanding a degree of control over the practices of others that we find intolerable?

The AAAOM refers to a malpractice company’s refusal to cover PT’s doing TPDN as proof of an “actual risk of endangerment.” Shall LAcs be prohibited from using acupuncture to induce labor or turn a breech baby because malpractice companies don’t cover those procedures?

Regardless of our shouts of Mine! Dry Needling has been determined to be within the scope of practice of PT’s in the majority of states.  I suppose we can keep beating this dying horse, chasing this ship that has sailed, but there are better uses of our limited resources.

Coming soon – a sad story of how a state acupuncture board is limiting opportunities for LAcs and increasing the likelihood that residents will receive acupuncture from non-LAcs.


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