We WANT to hear from Acupuncturists!

And, now, for something completely different — a group that wants “to get as accurate a picture of the acupuncture profession as possible!”

That shouldn’t be noteworthy, but it is. While some have been telling us the good of the profession depends on keeping our experiences to ourselves, POCA Tech wants “to gather data about what acupuncturists are doing in their day to day practices and how this compares to acupuncture school curriculums” and is “interested in learning about how acupuncturists feel about the cost and value of their education.”

POCA writes —

“If you practice a style of acupuncture that you feel is unrecognized by the profession as a whole, we particularly want to document it.

If you feel successful in your practice, we want to hear from you; if you feel frustrated in your practice, we want to hear from you.

If you are no longer practicing, your information is equally valuable!”

Complete the survey, which takes about twenty minutes, and you’ll get a coupon for a free 3 CEU online class.

The more we know, the more we can improve. Please, twenty minutes of your time, and in return, help us plan for a better future, and get some CEU’s.

Here’s the survey!




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5 thoughts on “We WANT to hear from Acupuncturists!

  1. Elaine –
    You’re probably aware that the NCCAOM performs a Job Task Analysis every 3 years to make sure their tests reflect what’s actually being done in the real world and that our schools are adequately preparing us for practice. Additionally, they offer a voluntary online survey upon recertification that asks 28 questions including demographics (age, gender, years of experience, state of licensure) as well as income levels and practice environments. Kory Ward-Cook, Scott Mist and I wrote a paper entitled “A Snapshot of the AOM Profession in America: Demographics, Practice Settings and Income” to be published in the Fall edition of Meridians AOM Journal. It reflects the data gathered from 2014-2016.
    I think it’s GREAT what POCA is doing. Every bit of data on our profession is valuable.

    • Hey, Bill, thanks. Here’s one of my posts referring to the previous NCCAOM JTA’s —

      However, if I recall the last such survey they did, it did not seem to me that they were looking at whether the schools are adequately preparing us for practice. There were a lot of questions about what we did in our practices, but not about where we learned the things we were doing. Perhaps they’ll look at that more in the next survey?

      Glad to hear about the Meridians article. I am really looking forward to seeing it.

    • Yes. However, if you want to get the CEU’s you’ll need to register for the class. But that information won’t be linked to your responses.

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