As you know, for nearly four years, the NCPTA has pursued a federal antitrust lawsuit against the North Carolina Acupuncture Licensing Board to protect our patients' access to dry needling.  Today, I am very pleased to report that this long-running fight is over, and that the NCPTA has won.

Yesterday, the Acupuncture Board finally yielded to the NCPTA's demands. In a settlement agreement that is binding on all of its current and future members, the Acupuncture Board agreed to stop sending cease-and-desist letters to physical therapists who offer dry needling, and it agreed to honor the North Carolina Supreme Court's decision that dry needling is within the scope of practice of physical therapy. In addition, the Acupuncture Board must pay the NCPTA a six-figure settlement. 

This tremendous victory-including the monetary settlement-sends a powerful message to those who would seek to prevent our patients from receiving the treatment they need: No matter how tough the fight, no matter how long it takes, the NCPTA will always stand up for our patients' access to care.

The NCPTA remains exceptionally grateful for the support that you-our members-have shown in this long-running fight.

J. Kyle Covington